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Matt G.

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Meet Matt

Matt is an expert in "knowing how little I know." He loves that there's always another band or another book or another conversation to discover that changes everything he thought before. He loves talking about whatever song is playing and he likes how unknowable cats are. He is always interested in what others are cooking and would like to try a little bit of everything, including what you're having if that's ok. For him, the greatest meal in the world is a grilled cheese sandwich with a salad and french fries, but only when consumed in a quiet bar during not-peak hours.

With a passion for books and rules and all the ways that books break their own rules, you'll often find him reading, running, spending time with family, or planning his next visit to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World.

Ask me about...

homework help, 20th century literature, Stephen King, cooking, rock, avant-garde music from the 1940s to present, cats

I'm interested in...

cartoons, graphic novels, Haunted Mansion at Disney World, genre fiction, family, running

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