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Releasing Trophies: Author Shannon David Hamons
Time: 2pm - 3:30pm
Location: Meeting Room A
Explore mortality and the beliefs you've long held about yourself and those you love with local author and former Westerville resident Shannon David Hamons. As the character in his first novel - Releasing Trophies - finds to be true, life discoveries are sometimes painful, and sometimes comforting. Book signing and sale to follow.
About the Book

Small-town newspaper publisher Frank Barnett is coming to grips with the knowledge that his life is growing short. Even worse, he discovers that events from thirty years ago in tiny Le Fleur, Ohio, related to the death of the town's diner owner, may not have happened as he and others believed.
About the Author
Mr. Hamons was born in Shelby, Ohio, and grew up in the nearby small town of Plymouth. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio with a degree in Education. He also attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, living in nearby Westerville for twenty-five years where he raised his two children.
Soon after college he was a reporter, editor, and general manager for a chain of weekly newspapers. He later worked in municipal government economic development and then became vice-president of a private development company. After a short period in the Dallas, Texas, area, he returned to Ohio to become Development Director for the small city of Harrison, Ohio, near Cincinnati, where he lives with his wife.
Releasing Trophies is his first book; his second book is underway. Entitled Working, it is a collection of humorous short stories about the many odd jobs he had as a child. Learn more.
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