Write Together

Giving children opportunities to write, even if it is just scribbles, helps children understand that print can represent spoken words. It can also help children develop eye-hand coordination and the fine motor control they need to hold a pencil.

  • Ages 0-1: Practice activities that build finger muscles, such as picking up Cheerios and grasping toys.
  • Ages 1-2: Practice activities that build finger muscles, such as crumpling paper, completing simple puzzles, and grasping small objects like shakers, straws, spoons, and more.
  • Ages 2-3: Explore shapes. Letters are made of shapes, so identifying shapes is a first step towards recognizing letters. Play with physical letters, such as magnets or letters made from playdough.
  • Ages 3-5: Color and scribble! Ask your preschooler to write about their drawing. Even if they aren’t writing letters, this helps them recognize that written words stand for spoken words.

Looking for some ideas? Watch these videos.

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