Read Together

From birth, your baby can start to learn about reading, like how to sound out words and what direction to hold a book.

  • Ages 0-1: Choose a time when your baby is relaxed and happy. Read for as long as your baby is interested. Just a page or two is fine!
  • Ages 1-2: Show your baby a board book. (A board book is made of thick cardboard pages.) Let them explore on their own, even if that means books get chewed on or thrown.
  • Ages 2-3: Read the same books over and over again. Pause before a predictable word and ask your toddler to guess the next word. Or ask what happens next in their favorite story.
  • Ages 3-5: When reading, hold a book upside down until your preschooler notices. Show them how to hold a book. Talk about the book’s parts, like the cover, pages, title, and author.

Looking for some ideas? Watch these videos.

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